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The Best Pre-Rolls of Marijuana in Boulder

Mar 9

Due to their convenience, pre-rolled joints have increased in favor as a method of cannabis consumption, and Boulder is home to some of the finest pre-roll manufacturers. The product lines listed here are some of Boulder's finest.

Joints Pre-Rolled

Prior to marijuana's legalization, joints were simply cigarettes. Some were better than others at rolling a tight doob, but there was not much "innovation" in general. After marijuana was legalized, pre-rolls appeared, with each firm adding its own twist to the time-honored joint format.

There is currently a pre-roll for every flavor on the market, ranging from those laden with hash oil to those made with premium marijuana. Colorado houses the headquarters of some of the most successful companies in the world. Here are a selection of our favorites.

710 Labs

Even though many businesses offer cannabis-related things, only 710 Labs produces such a vast array of high-quality products. Even the pre-rolls are excellent.

The unique characteristic of 710's pre-rolls is their gluten-free rotini noodle "filter." You'll receive excellent airflow, making smoking more enjoyable. 710 does not utilize any of those abrasive grinders, cones, or machine fillers to shatter its bud; they do everything manually. No shaking is employed, only organic flower is used. They also boast about having the ideal quantity of marijuana on paper.


It is stated that Stratos THC's slow-burning joints are four times more efficient than ordinary joints. As opposed to trim, flower from various strains, such as Wedding Cake, Bazookies 10, and OG Lime Killer, is utilized in joints. Slow Burns uses oil taken from the same flower strain as the flower or a strain with comparable characteristics to produce a steady, pleasurable, and well-rounded high. In the cannabis oil extraction process, carbon dioxide is employed to soften the hit in comparison to conventional solvents.


DADiRRi is a family-owned firm that has existed since 2010 and will be in the cannabis industry forever. All of their products with a high THC content originate from respected local manufacturers. To give its consumers with "the best cannabis experience imaginable," the company has employed cutting-edge testing and methodologies.

DADiRRI sells conventional indica, sativa, and hybrid pre-rolls, but their Caviar SunRock and Bubble Hash cones are their forte.


Kaviar High-quality buds are drenched in hash oil, coated in kief, wrapped in unbleached paper, and topped with a branded glass smoking tip to create Kaviar Cones. Kaviar Cone may be sativa, indica, or a cross between the two. There is a Kaviar Cone that can handle any circumstance. The trifecta of cannabinoids produces a more intense and cerebral high while prolonging the enjoyment of cannabis's flavor.

Loco Love

Loco Love offers a variety of premium pre-rolls to customers in Boulder, Colorado. Loco Love's genuine ideals, which are represented in their products, are reflected in the tranquil hills of Boulder, Colorado, where the company's headquarters are situated.

The flower from Loco Love stands out in comparison to other suppliers. With each of their pre-rolls, you can anticipate a trichome- and terpene-rich experience.

Final Considerations

A handful of Boulder, Colorado-based businesses sell pre-rolls of exceptional quality. Some of our favorite companies, such as those listed below, are omitted. There is sure to be a pre-roll brand that matches your preferences.

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