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3 Reverse Mortgage Myths Debunked in San Diego

Feb 1

You might have heard people repeatedly tell you reverse mortgages are frauds or that the bank will eventually takes over your house. But, in all honesty the reality is different. Reverse mortgages are loans that provide seniors aged 62 or older with an additional source of income so that they can enjoy their lives in peace, without stressing about money. Does that sound good? You may wonder, "What about the horrible things that people around me have to say regarding reverse mortgages?" Let's discuss it together.


Even though there are plenty of added benefits of San Diego reverse mortgages but the myths surrounding them are definitely more well-known and incredibly inaccurate. These myths are fueled by those who make poor decisions and not understanding reverse mortgages. There was a certain amount of history in reverse mortgages' beginnings. However, today they're one of the most well-planned and legally regulated products in America. Let's dispel the myths about reverse mortgages to help you make educated decisions.

  1. You can lose your home

That's just an untruth. A reverse mortgage will not permit you to sell your home. As homeowner, you are able to live in the property until the lender and you agree. For any loan that is conventional, your lender places an obligation on the property to ensure that the loan is repaid. There is no way for your lender evacuate you from your residence. You must comply with the conditions of the loan. This includes keeping your insurance current and paying mortgage installments and maintaining your home.


  1. You are required to pay monthly

It is the most popular misconception regarding the reverse mortgage. Many believe that entering into San Diego Reverse Mortgage will provide the homeowner with another reason to make monthly payments. This is false. The reverse mortgage doesn't require monthly payments , as provided you follow the conditions of the loan. This is among the major distinctions between a reverse mortgage and a conventional mortgage. However, if you have cash flow and want to lower your loan balance significantly, then you have the option to make monthly payments. One must also understand that the due date will not become due until the final mortgagor is cleared of the property and you are eligible for the terms and conditions of the loan.


  1. Do you require more cash flow?

The majority of individuals are able to accumulate more equity in their savings or homes than they do in a retirement plan when they are in their post-retirement years. Reverse mortgages let you prepare for retirement, enhance your lifestyle, and reduce the chance of losing your house. Reverse mortgages give you the opportunity and flexibility to retire in comfort.


A San Diego reverse Mortgage is a fantastic option to achieve financial freedom in retirement. Many financial advisors recommend reverse mortgages as a financial instrument for senior citizens. You can pay for the reverse mortgage with credit, monthly or lump sum installments. Also, you can choose a combination of all three.

Bottom line:


A San Diego reverse mortgage is an effective way to secure your retirement. To avoid unexpected problems it is crucial to research. You should consider all factors and speak with an experienced lender to know the options prior to committing to the reverse mortgage. The reverse mortgage might only be suitable for certain people; however, for many people , reverse mortgages are an option that is beneficial for their retirement plan.

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