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7 ultimate Guide for Keeping Your Marijuana at Home

Jan 20

Included with cannabis products are storage instructions to maximize their efficacy and delay their untimely expiration. Although light, air, and moisture can degrade the quality of pure cannabis flower, it technically has no expiration date. If not properly stored and preserved, Boulder's dry climate can quickly transform marijuana into swag if it is not properly stored and preserved.

Instructions for Learning How to Store Cannabis

Here are some recommendations on how to store marijuana so that it is always ready for smoking.

1. Never Bring Buds Close to Plastic

Trichomes, or the hairs between cannabis buds, can be destroyed by the static charge of plastic containers. Additionally, your flower may be crushed, its flavor altered, and its aroma extracted.

2. Utilize Parchment Paper As Defense

If you must store your cannabis in plastic containers, you can lessen the risk by wrapping it in paper or a napkin first. Frequently, cannabis concentrates are stored on parchment paper. Keeping your flower there will also provide you with a ready-made surface for handling it later.

3. Keep Marijuana In An Airtight Container

When something is contained in a glass container, nothing can enter or exit unless the container is reopened. Glass is also odorless; therefore, unlike metal containers, it will not alter the taste of your cannabis. Mason jars are a popular option due to their attractive appearance and wide availability.

4. Ensure Your Glass Jar Is the Appropriate Size

Consider the amount of cannabis you will place in the jar when you select it. Using a large container to store only a few buds will trap a great deal of oxygen with the marijuana. Try to strike a balance between quantity and size. Alternatively, you can vacuum seal jars with canning supplies.

5. Maintain Your Marijuana in a Cool, Dim Environment

Nothing degrades cannabis more rapidly than light. Unless you have a transparent glass jar with an anti-UV coating, you must store your cannabis in a cupboard or drawer away from direct sunlight. Try to maintain your jar's temperature at or below 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Keep it away from heat-generating equipment and devices. If your jar becomes too warm, it may "sweat," which increases the likelihood of mold spreading on your flowers.

6. Be mindful of the Humidity

Denver residents should monitor this situation. Your flower may develop mildew and other mold spores if it is exposed to too much dampness. However, if the environment becomes excessively dry, the trichomes may break. Try to keep the relative humidity of your cannabis between 59% and 63%. (RH). Here, Boveda packs can be useful.

7. Keep Diverse Strains Separately

Place each strain in its respective container if you have multiple. Each strain has its own cannabinoid profile and flavors produced from terpenes. Because the ash and resin from combusted cannabis might affect the aroma, smoking equipment should not be stored beside fresh flowers.

How Long Would the Potency of Your Marijuana Last?

Properly maintained cannabis can retain its strength and flavor for six months to a year. 

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