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2022 Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer by Storz & Bickel Review

Feb 19

Q. What is the distinction between the Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer as well as the Volcano Classic?

The most important element is, whichever Volcano you select, there is no distinction in the total result. The accuracy and quality included in the Volcano Classic is just stepped up a notch in the Volcano Hybrid

The major benefit of the Volcano Hybrid depends on its large LED display screens, which immediately as well as exactly notifies the customer of the operating standing. The Volcano Digit interacts better with the individual as well as its electronic control system functions more exactly than the bi-metal regulator on the Volcano Classic The Volcano Hybrid additionally featues an automated shut-off timer which is not present in the Volcano Classic.

Both Volcano types come with a shapely, combed steel cone. Care was required to use unsavory materials that are food risk-free. Both the high-performance home heating cartridge and the solid diaphragm pump can endure the toughest stress and anxieties as well as pressures. An independent temperature fuse, air filter and silencer are normally included, as is a particularly created aluminium heating block, which brings the air both cleanly and reliably to the desired temperature level.

Volcano Hybrid
Volcano Classic

3 years warranty
Exact digital control
Automatic switch-off attribute
Temperature level accuracy 1.5 ° C. Extra big, digital LED display screen with set and actual temperature.
Show transition in between Celsius and also Fahrenheit.
Vaporization temperature can be set in between 40 ° C and 230 ° C.
Thousands marketed. 3 years guarantee.
Temperature accuracy 5 ° C. Robust, totally electromechanical style.
Evaporation temperature level can be set between 130 ° C-

230 ° C. Q. What is the distinction in between the Easy Valve Starter Set and the Solid Valve Starter Set?

The Easy Valve System is the dearer long-term option, nonetheless it calls for much less upkeep, permits multiple bags/ balloons to be used simultaneously as well as also features a sleeker and also easier to use valve and natural herb chamber system. This is the most preferred choice for Volcano Vaporizer customers and also is the latest valve system presented on the marketplace.

Easy Valve Starter Set.

The Easy Valve Starter Set comes complete with the complying with products;.

5 x Easy Valve balloons.
1 x Filling chamber with cap for natural herbs.
1 x Liquid pad.
1 x Normal display collection.
1 x Cleaning brush.

The Solid Valve System is characterised by even more maintenance nevertheless its advantages are customisable bag sizes as well as reduced costs in buying substitute balloons. The Solid Valve kit does need more cleansing, and attaching the balloon to the valve can be complicated for newbies. The Solid Valve would certainly fit a person who doesn't mind a little of additional upkeep.

The Solid Valve Volcano Hybrid Starter Set comes finish with the complying with products;.

Solid Valve Starter Set.

1 x Volcano Mouthpiece.
1 x Volcano Solid Valve.
1 x Volcano Solid Valve Filling Chamber.
1 x Volcano Filling Chamber Insert.
1 x Volcano Normal Screen Set.
1 x Volcano Balloon.
1 x Volcano Liquid Pad Set.
1 x Cleaning Brush.


Q. Which parts of the Volcano vaporizer undergo damage?

It might be necessary to replace the loading chamber screens, nonetheless they will last a long time. Each complete set is furnished with 3 top as well as 3 lower displays.

When an Easy Valve can no more be utilized, you merely change the old with a new one. Each Easy Valve Starter Set comes finish with 5 very easy valve balloons, with each balloon lasting around 3 months of daily usage. When your initial 5 have actually gone out, you can buy a Easy Valve Replacement Set or XL Easy Valve Replacement Set, which must last you one more 1-2 years relying on usage.

Once a Solid Valve can no more be utilized, you merely remove the old balloon from the Solid Valve and also replace with new balloon material. Each Solid Valve Starter Set includes 3 metres of balloon material, adequate for 5-6 balloons depending on the dimension you make them. As soon as you have actually lacked your original balloon product, you can purchase another Balloon Tube Roll.

You may also use various other heat-proof stove hoses or oven bags. Do not utilize any other plastic bags or clingwraps.

Q. Why is the Volcano vaporizer extra expensive than various other Vaporizers?

" In establishing the Volcano it was our purpose to use a convincing vaporizer with - throughout - superior functions. We did not just focus on top-quality product and workmanship however we went beyond that to offer the individual a safe gadget, simple to operate for a hassle-free application. Furthermore, it was our objective to create the requirements for effective as well as regulated vaporization.

The one-of-a-kind patented Volcano System Technology communicates air enriched with tastes and also energetic ingredients right into a balloon through a shutoff. Via the innovative shutoff method the generated vapors will certainly be entirely accumulated in the balloon and also the customer can breathe in the vapors independently from the tool. The content may be breathed in secure, individually from the evaporation procedure both easily and safely.

In order to achieve the best results, a vaporizer calls for an air pump to ensure a constant air flow, a heat accumulator to provide a precise air temperature and ultimately the distinct valve modern technology to make sure a simple, dependable and convenient application. These technical attributes are just offered by the Volcano. The precise air temperature control of the volcano establishes new standards for vaporizers in accuracy as well as integrity.

It is our belief that with the Volcano we offer you the most effective item offered, it equates to the best quality cases and is unique and also reputable, because of its superior processing." - Storz & Bickel GmbH & Co.KG.

Storz & Bickel.

Q. Which variables figure out the vapor accumulation in the balloon?

The percentage of taste and also active ingredient vapor in the balloon largely depends upon the high quality as well as quantity of herbs with which the vaporizer is filled. Other crucial variables are the area of the herbs and the evaporating temperature.

The amount of active components launched into the balloon can be affected by the list below elements:.

High quality: The focus of components in your plant material.

Amount: The amount of plant material in your filling up chamber.

Temperature level: The higher the temperature level, the extra active ingredients will be released at the same time.

Surface area: The finer the plant is grinded, the higher the area and the more components can be released throughout evaporation. (View our series of herbal grinders).

The ingredients of a plant are launched in a mild way to ensure that a repeating of vaporization with the very same product in the filling up chamber is possible. Relying on the 4 elements described above, the material in the loading chamber can be reused numerous times till all fragrances and energetic components are totally dissolved.

It is recommended to get the material of the loading chamber and also grind it once more to enhance the surface area of the initial product. If the material is ground well, it is not necessary to grind it once again. A boosted temperature would turn on extra active ingredients as well, but has an unfavorable effect on the flavor.

It is necessary to see the vapor thickness in the balloon. A fine, white vapor really feels very comfortable when inhaled. As the vapor obtains denser the taste looses flavor. In case of a really high vapor strength (density) the concentration of scents and also energetic components can create an irritability of the respiratory system tract. If this holds true lower the temperature.

Flavor inducers (fairly unstable important oils) vaporize much quicker than energetic components. Flavor in any instance primarily depends on that which is deposited in the vaporizer.

Q. How long can the vapors be saved in the balloon?

Easy Valve Balloon.

The vapors in the balloon condense in the course of time at the balloon shell. However that is a process which takes hours. If you inhale the balloon materials within 5-10 minutes you will have little or no loss whatsoever.

The shutoff balloon is not developed to "store" vapor, it enables moreover the individual to conveniently breathe in independently of the tool in line with the customer's individual requirements, making it comparable with a glass which is easier to consume out of than straight from the tap.

Volcano Liquid Pad.

Q. What is the purpose of the fluid pad?

The liquid pad is utilized to evaporate the essences (fragrance oils) of plants. The special steel cord of the liquid pad functions as the provider important, similar to the unvaporizable plant fibers in plant product made use of for evaporation. For additional information how to make use of a liquid pad, please read the volcano manual very carefully.


Q. Which temperature level should I choose?

The temperature setup is perfect when a fine, white haze is attended increase. Conducting your own monitorings is needed to pick the best temperature level.

Vapor which is barely visible indicates that either the temperature is too reduced or the material vaporized is made use of. Thick, extremely dense vapor may be undesirable to breathe in.

In that respect the Volcano uses you the additional distinct benefit of the valve balloon. The vapor produced in the balloon is extremely easy to observe as well as the user finds out within a very short room of time to reliably handle the device and also the different natural herbs. The Volcano with its shutoff balloon is the only device to provide you this optical control feature!

The temperature is only one of the four aspects for vapor accumulation. Usually the temperature level which is chosen ought to be as reduced as possible, so that vapors only just create.

Q. What do the numbers on the temperature scale of the Volcano Classic mean?

The scale varies from 1-9, representing temperature levels of 130 ° C to
226 ° C. Q. Can the vaporization item shed in the Volcano?

A professional vaporizer should be built in a method that leaves out the burning of herbal material from the actual beginning. The individual's security has always been a top concern.

Q. Why do no vapors at first establish in filling up the balloon?

Not just the natural herbs to be vaporized, however likewise the filling chamber cyndrical tube has to reach the evaporation temperature level. Our recommendation: Set the filling up chamber on the exhaust vent of the Volcano without the shutoff balloon connected yet and allow hot air to heat up your plant product for a few seconds before placing the shutoff balloon on the loading chamber. That makes certain that the balloon is entirely loaded with aromatic substances and also energetic components from the very start.

Q. Does the balloon material send out any type of materials to the vapors which are subsequently inhaled by the user?

No, none whatsoever - we have applied the maximum possible care as well as persistance in all products which enter into contact with the air breathed in.

Volcano Classic with Solid ValveThe Volcano balloon product is an extremely pure and also durable polyester, which is perfectly suitable for this objective. This or other stove tubes or -bags are usually made use of to cook food in the oven at temperature levels approximately 200 ° C. If it is used with the Volcano the hot air only has a temperature of max. 130 ° C when it enters the balloon. Due to the big surface of the balloon the air is cooling down while evaporating natural material to make sure that it can be inhaled immediately after filling the balloon.

The Volcano balloon does not consist of any conditioners (as a result the crackling noise of the product); it is food-safe, tasteless and heat-proof. Naturally, you can utilize similar stove pipes or oven bags from other makers), however do not use normal plastic bags or plastic aluminum foil under any type of circumstances.

Q. What about odour development? Do e.g. non-smokers feel troubled?

No. There is just a marginal growth of odours contrasted to smoking cigarettes. No troublesome smoke is developed, and also non-smokers are exempt to any kind of unfavorable results when sharing rooms with users.

Just a few mins after the application you will certainly not observe any type of smell in the area.

Q. How are any kind of service warranty concerns dealt with?

The Volcano Vaporizers need to last you numerous fret totally free years, however in case there is a concern with your unit, simply contact us and we will gladly get you back up as well as running. Acquiring from Australian Vaporizers provides you regional guarantee for the whole 3 year guarantee period.

The Volcano Digit additionally features an automated shut-off timer which is not existing in the Volcano Classic.

The special copyrighted Volcano System Technology conveys air enriched with flavors and also energetic components into a balloon through a shutoff. The Volcano with its shutoff balloon is the only tool to offer you this optical control attribute!

Our referral: Set the filling up chamber on the exhaust vent of the Volcano without the shutoff balloon affixed yet as well as permit warm air to heat up your plant material for a few secs prior to putting the valve balloon on the loading chamber. Volcano Classic with Solid Valve. The Volcano balloon material is an extremely pure and durable polyester, which is completely appropriate for this purpose.

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